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ˇˇ Question:What is digital certificate?
Answer:Digital certificate is a serial of data adopted digital encryption techniques that Bank of Beijing used to identify internet users'in order to improve safety level of internet banking.It is used to identify communicators'identifications in internet communications.There are two kinds of digital certificates, the document certificates and the usbkey certificates.The validity of digital certificates are 5 years.Digital certificate now provided by Bank of Beijing is USBkey certificate.
ˇˇ Question:What is Usbkey certificate and its advantages?
Answer:USBkey certificate is high secure intensity certificate, which used USBkey as the storage media. Inset USBkey into the USB interface when using it. Advantages:
˘ŮHigh secure intensity. The certificate is stored in USBkey, you need keep USBkey appropriately in order to guarantee using safely. The USBkey has a password locked function. When the certificate password input wrong for 10 times, USBkey will be locked and cannot be used.
˘ÚEasy to operate. USBkey can plug and play, its mobility facilitates and manage easily.
˘ŰReasonable price. The price of USBkey is 60 CNY/piece, the life time is 5 years.
ˇˇ Question:If I would like use personal internet banking certificate version both at home and office
        do I need to process 2 digital certificates?
Answer:You don't need pay twice certificate.
˘ŮIf you using document certificate,you could back up it in other media storage (like Usb disk or mobile hard disk),then restore it into the computer you prepare to use.Please note:if you don't use it on computer anymore,for usage safety'sake,please make sure to delete the digital certificate in computer after confirming backing it up already.
˘ÚIf you use mobile certificate,you just need to insert the USBkey that stored certificate into the computer you prepare to use,and USB interface could operate personal internet banking certificate version.USBkey can plug and play and is more convenient and safe for use.
ˇˇ Question:If the customer processed digital certificate before, and he processed again later,is
        the user ID and logon password same with before?
Answer:User ID and logon password are the same as before.You cannot change user ID but you can change logon password after logging on internet banking.
ˇˇ Question:What is user ID?What should I do if I forget it?
Answer:User ID is some kind of a serial of number or characters certificate users set by yourself when opening internet banking certificate for logon internet banking certificate version.If you forgot it,you could process the inquiry at any branchof bank of Beijing with your valid ID certificate and Jing card/bankbook when processing internet banking.
ˇˇ Question:After I processed procedure for opening personal internet banking certificate version
        at branch,can I use it directly when back home?
Answer:No,you cannot use it directly.You should click "enable internet banking" on right of the logon page and download,install digital certificate;register your customer information for certificate version.After initiating it,you could see your name under digital certificate on logon page,then you could use logon internet banking and begin to use.
ˇˇ Question:What should I do if I lost my digital certificate?
Answer:If you confirm that your digital certificate is lost,for guaranteeing your capital safety,please logon main page of Bank of Beijing,choose certificate version user,certificate management,certificate cancellation to cancel it.If you still need to use personal internet banking certificate version,you could re-process it at any branch.
ˇˇ Question:What should I do if I lost my logon password or certificate password?
Answer:If you forgot your logon password,you could process password re-setting at any business lattice of Beijing Bank.If you forgot your certificate password,then the password re-setting service is temporarily unavailable.You can only re-process internet banking certificate version and buy mobile digital certificate.
ˇˇ Question:What is certificate password?What should I do if I forgot it?
Answer:Initial certificate password is got from the password card you bought from Beijing Bank sales counter.After logon internet banking system,customer could revise certificate password by choosing "Certificate password revision" of "Certificate management".If forgot certificate password,certificate version user could process password re-setting at any branch of Beijing Bank with his valid ID certificate and Jing card/bankbook and 10 Yuan commission charges.Licensed certificate cannot process password resetting,if you still need to use it,you should buy USBkey certificate.
ˇˇ Question:What should I do if the system reminded "user doesn't exist" when logging on?
Answer:Reasons may lie in:
˘ŮYou haven't registered user ID.Please click "Initiating internet banking" to register customer information for internet banking certificate version.
˘ÚYou used wrong user ID when logging on internet banking.Please note that user ID should be letters,numbers or combination of the two (you should distinguish the capital letter and small letter).If you forgot user ID,please process the inquiry at any business lattice of Beijing Bank with your valid ID certificate.
ˇˇ Question:What if I cannot find out digital certificate when logging on internet banking after
        re-installing operating system?
Answer:˘ŮIf you are licensed certificate user:please get into certificate management of certificate version logon page,choose "restorer certificate",find the backup pathway of your certificate and input correct certificate password,and then you can get your certificate back on the logon page.But if you didn't backup your certificate,then you could not get back your digital certificate after system reinstallation.If you still need to use it,please re-apply for purchase certificate password card and download certificate.
˘ÚIf you are USBkey certificate user:The USBkey certificate is plug and play.
ˇˇ Question:What if the input box showed as a small red cross and cannot input password when
        browsing internet banking logon page?
Answer:Personal internet banking of Beijing Bank installed latest safety control technologies that can efficiently prevent viruses,Trojans and etc.hacker programs from capturing the password input when you logging on,and provide further safety protection for personal internet banking.
The safety control may be download install automatically when you browse the logon page.But it may fail due to the setting of your IE explorer,personal fireproofing,or internet assistant and etc.third party softwares.If it hasn't been properly installed,the input box showed blank or as a small red cross and cannot input password.In this case,click "please install safety control if you cannot input password" on the right of the password input box to download and install safety control manually.
ˇˇ Question:What if I still cannot input password after downloading and installing safety control?
Answer:Please check whether your IE explorer is the version above 6.0.Beijing Bank recommends you use IE explorer version above 6.0,please update it if you use lower version now.Meanwhile,please process settings below for your proper browsing of web pages:
˘ŮPlease set "senior" in "Internet options" as "recover defaulted setting".
˘ÚPlease set "general" -ˇµ"setting" -ˇµ"check for all new versions of web pages stored" in "Internet options" of the IE explorer as "check when browsing this page every time".
˘ŰMeanwhile please set "safety" -ˇµ"user-defined level" -ˇµ"ActiveX control and interpose" of the IE explorer as "initialize" or "notify".
ˇˇ Question:What if the logon page of my internet banking certificate version showed as
        Unrecognizable code?
Answer:Reasons may lie in:
˘ŮYour IE explorer version is too low;you just need to update it to version 6.0.
˘ÚYour IE explorer page showed non-simple Chinese,you just need to click right button of the mouse to choose coding/simple Chinese(GB2312).If this operation cannot crack the problem,please click tool -ˇµinternet options -ˇµgeneral options in tool bar to change the character into simple Chinese.
ˇˇ Question:What if it reminds me "e-payment function is not opened for this card" when processing
        on-line shopping in internet shopping mall?
Answer:You have to open e-payment function before processing on-line shopping in internet shopping mall.Way to open the function:logon internet banking of Bank of Beijing,choose function application--e-payment function-open e-payment.You could process on-line shopping in internet shopping mall after open this function.Certificate users could set single and daily aggregate payment limitations respectively by yourself,but both limitations cannot exceed 1,000,000 Yuan.
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